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Interactive Chinese

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Chinese course in English, Corsi di Chinese interattivo in lingua inglese


This software is the result of an integration of words, sounds, images, animations and music that will make unique and stimulating learning the Chinese language. A course of high-quality interactive studied in detail. More than twenty experts in the Chinese took part in the elaboration and drafting of this product and more than 100 multimedia experts and programmers have collaborated on this interactive course. The software is composed of about 300,000 words, with their translations and explanations collected in 8 CD ROMs, 8 CDs and 8 books.

The software follows a progressive teaching method that begins with the study literacy Chinese phonetic (pinyin) and ends with the HSK preparation. The study of pinyin to use the language spoken and each character will be accompanied by its respective transcription alphabet. All words and phrases will have the explanation in Italian or foreign language in which it was translated this way. At the end of the course, you will be able to speak and write Chinese expediently, and will have reached the intermediate level mentioned in the HSK examination.

In addition to the study of proverbs and idioms will be possible to obtain a good knowledge of traditional Chinese culture and long history of this country. This software may be used by all those institutions who teach Chinese students and businessmen who want to study this language as a self-taught.


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